Everything begins with an idea

Liane Allfest Von der Idee zum Unikat

The origin of each model begins with a vague idea. To let this small bud grow into a magnificent flower, I take inspiration from fabrics, colors and female characteristics and derive the style, silhouette and size of the bag. At this point, I don't know exactly where the journey will take me and what the design will ultimately look like.

Liane Allfest Nadel & Garn

needle and yarn

Instead of putting the idea on paper, I like to go straight to needle and thread and let the process of draping and sewing inspire me further. During the phase of experimenting with different materials, new ideas and details often emerge that become part of the collection.

As a designer I like to stay open to the unexpected and sometimes let the bag create itself. Until the final design stands, several prototypes are made by me and each processing step is repeated countless times and improved to ultimately achieve the best result.

craftmanship and tradition

After the designs are finalized, the prototypes I sew are test worn and then sent to a small, family-run manufacturer in Romania. There, trained seamstresses work for several weeks to produce sample bags using traditional processing techniques, because each model requires a lot of accuracy, practice and time. When all details have been finalized and quality criteria have been checked, production of the collection can begin. Particularly complex details, such as the knots of the model Cecilia or the bow of the model Josephine are made by me in my studio in Vienna and sent to our production facility in Romania for further processing. There, the bags are finally sewn by hand in exclusive edition with much love and skill.


from love to detail

Before your bag leaves my studio, each model is put once again under the magnifying glass to be able to guarantee the best quality. After months of design and development your Liane Allfest finds its way lovingly packaged to you and is looking forward to being your new companion.


Liane Allfest Handtaschen als Geschenk Nachhaltigkeit & Materialien