Shipping & Returns


Shipping is possible to all countries of the European Union by default. Depending on the size of your order, shipping is done by DPD or Austrian Post. The respective shipping costs can be found in the list below.

Should you wish shipping to another country, please write us a message before your order and tell us the article with the quantity and the delivery address. We will then inform you shortly whether we can ship to the desired country and - if a delivery to the desired delivery address is possible - tell you the shipping costs, because we have to ask our shipping partner in advance about the shipping option and the costs.


Our shipping costs depend on the weight, you can find the shipping weight in the product description of the respective article.

Depending on the recipient country and shipment weight, the following shipping rates apply:

Zone 1: Austria
0-0,069 kg: € 2,50
0,07-1,99 kg: € 5

Zone 2: Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Slovenia
0-0,069 kg: € 5
0,07-1,99 kg: € 10

Zone 3: Denmark, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia
0-0,069 kg: € 5
0,07-0,14 kg: € 11
0,141-1,99 kg: € 12

Zone 4: France, Italy
0-0,069 kg: € 5
0,07-0,14 kg: € 11
0,141-1,99 kg: € 15

Zone 5: Sweden, Finland, Croatia, Poland
0-0,069 kg: € 5
0,07-0,14 kg: € 11
0,141-1,99 kg: € 18

Zone 6: Romania, Lithuania
0-0,069 kg: € 5
0,07-0,14 kg: € 11
0,141-1,99 kg: € 23

Zone 7: Spain, Ireland, Estonia, Latvia, Bulgaria
0-0,069 kg: € 5
0,07-0,14 kg: € 11
0,141-1,99 kg: € 29

Zone 8: Greece
0-0,069 kg: € 5
0,07-0,14 kg: € 11
0,141-1,99 kg: € 39

Zone 9: Portugal
0-0,069 kg: € 5
0,07-0,14 kg: € 11
0,141-1,99 kg: € 46

Zone 10: Malta, Cyprus
0-0,069 kg: € 5
0,07-0,14 kg: € 11
0,141-1,99 kg: € 54


Here you can find the country-specific delivery times. The stated shipping times are the estimated, usual transport times of our shipping partners. Unforeseeable events can delay the delivery. Therefore, no guarantee can be given for a specific delivery date.

Austria: 2-4 business days
Germany: 2-5 business days
Belgium: 3-5 business days
Bulgaria: 3-6 business days
Denmark: 4-6 business days
Estonia: 5-7 business days
Finland: 5-7 business days
France: 4-6 business days
Greece: 4-7 business days
Ireland: 4-6 business days
Italy: 3-5 business days
Croatia: 3-4 business days
Latvia: 5-7 business days
Lithuania: 5-7 business days
Luxembourg: 3-5 business days
Malta: 5-7 business days
Netherlands: 3-5 business days
Poland: 4-5 business days
Portugal: 4-7 business days
Romania: 3-5 business days
Sweden: 4-7 business days
Slovakia: 2-4 business days
Slovenia: 2-4 business days
Spain: 4-6 business days
Czech Republic: 2-4 business days
Hungary: 2-4 business days
Cyprus: 5-8 business days


As soon as your order has been shipped, you will receive an automatic shipping confirmation via email that contains your tracking number. To check the current status of your package or to contact the shipping company in case of delivery delays, address changes or other issues, you can find tracking links & contact details here:

DPD Shipment Tracking
DPD Contact Form
DPD Austria +43 50 37 34 20

Austrian Post Shipment Tracking
Austrian Post Contact Form
Austrian Post +43 800 010 100



1. Check our cancellation policy. Returns can only be accepted if they are sent back within 14 days in their original condition and in accordance with our cancellation policy.

2. Send us your cancellation by means of cancellation form via e-mail to

3. Pack the products with the original packaging including filling material.

4. Fill in our return form and print it out.

5. Cut off the bottom section and affix the address label (NOT a prepaid shipping label) to the package. Enclose the top section with the return shipment.

6. Frank your return package sufficiently with a shipping label from a shipping service provider of your choice. Keep the receipt of the parcel service until you have received your refund.

7. Take your return package to the shipping provider of your choice.

8. After we receive your package, we will refund the payment amount as soon as possible.


Please note that unidentifiable returns (order number, etc.) will be returned to sender and will not be refunded. Therefore, we strongly recommend using the return form.!

Unfortunately, due to our fair pricing and for the sake of the environment, we cannot cover any return shipping costs. The costs for the return shipment are therefore to be borne by you. Unfree returns will not be accepted and will be returned to the sender.


Unfortunately, we are unable to offer exchanges at this time. If you would like to exchange an item, you will need to return your original order for a refund and place a new order. In the rare case that your item is defective, please send us a message to find a solution.