Sustainability & Materials

The careful handling of our mother earth has a particularly high priority for me. I believe that even with small things, each of us can make a significant contribution to making our world more sustainable and ethically responsible. In fashion, environmental awareness and fair working conditions are more important than ever. That's why I try to keep the ecological footprint of Liane Allfest as small as possible through many small measures and produce in a family-run manufactory, where the seamstresses have the best working conditions.

To make a difference

I only want to produce what is needed. Unlike many fast fashion brands, Liane Allfest bags are produced in small quantities without overproduction. This ensures that each bag is produced in a waste-friendly way and meets the highest quality standards.


Liane Allfest Nachhaltige Handtaschen Liane Allfest Eingesetzte Materialien


In the selection of materials, I attach great importance to quality and sustainability criteria such as raw materials, manufacturing and origin. My claim is to use sustainable materials for the implementation of the Liane Allfest bag models without having to make sacrifices in appearance and quality.

For the current collection, cotton from remnants of large productions (deadstock) and recycled satin is processed. This is recycled polyester, so-called RPET which is made from plastic waste and certified according to the GLOBAL RECYCLED STANDARD.

The metal hardware of the bags, such as chains, logos and D-rings are specially designed for Liane Allfest and made of high-quality stainless steel, which is one of the most environmentally friendly metal alloys due to its durability and recyclability.

To give something back

As a fashion designer, I source raw materials from nature, so I also want to support environmental organizations that fight to preserve our world. Liane Allfest donates 1% of the total revenue in collaboration with the non-profit organization 1% FOR THE PLANET to environmental projects that are particularly close to my heart. 

1% for the planet