Liane Allfest

LIANE ALLFEST Behind the brand

The journey of my label started with the vision to design unique, feminine and elegant handbags for exceptional women. My passion for craftsmanship, fabrics and aesthetics moved me to bring Liane Allfest to life and make the idea a reality.

In every bag is my heart and soul, my personal passion, from the first draft to the final finishing touches by hand. For me fashion is a way to express who we are. This feeling should be reflected in my designs and when wearing Liane Allfest handbags.


Liane Allfest bags are meant to be as extraordinary and full of stories as their wearer herself. They bear the names of unique women - like you and me. Women with their unique character, strengths, sensitive sides and their very special look and style. Like us women, each bag is different from the other, because it was made by hand and is distinguished by its individual beauty. Beauty does not mean to be perfect but shines through individuality. My bags should carry this message and encourage our unique (im)perfections.


Always by your side

My bags are happy to be faithful companions at your side and to experience special moments with you. They were made to accompany you for many years and one day possibly be passed on to the next wearer. They want to reveal their sensitive sides to you, not only to animate you to handle them gently, to care for them and to bring more appreciation to material things out of love for our mother earth, but also to respond to the sensitive sides and the individual personality of all of us.


Liane Allfest Because we care Von der Idee zum Unikat